T3 Tomahawk Plate Carrier

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The T3 Tomahawk Plate Carrier is a lightweight, rugged, one size fits most, cost effective plate carrier designed for our law enforcement community.  From boots on the street to an active shooter situation, the T3 Tomahawk Plate Carrier is an ideal addition to your protective kit.  Once you adjust our fully adjustable shoulder straps, they are locked into place with Fastek buckles.  The front of the Plate Carrier has a Kangaroo Pouch that holds magazine inserts or functions as a readily available admin pouch.  The T3 Tomahawk Plate Carrier will accept 10x12 LVL IV Hard Armor Plates and 10x12 LVL IIIA Soft Armor Inserts*.  Paired with our optional T3 Cummerbund Armor Plate Pouches, the T3 Tomahawk Plate Carrier is ready for whatever the streets have to throw at you.

Non-Berry Compliant.


*Armor sold separately