T3 Military Specification (MILSPEC) Bar Tacking provides the most secure methodology for sewing one piece of material to another.

Regular bar tacking starts with the sewing head of a machine simply moving one time from where the tack begins and continues to where the tack ends.

On the other hand, T3 MILSPEC bar tacking starts with the sewing head in the middle of the intended tack. Second, the head runs to one end of the tack. Third, the head doubles back upon itself to the start point. Fourth, the head continues on to the opposite end of the tack. Finally it again doubles back to the middle before the head is lifted.

When complete, T3 MILSPEC Bar Tacking lays down twice as much stitching as conventional bar tacking. Twice as much stitching makes a tack more than twice as strong. A further benefit is by having the tack start and end in its middle and not at the ends, is it makes it virtually impossible for a tack to unravel from its ends (a common failure point for conventional bar tacking).

T3 MILSPEC bar tacking, as with many processes T3 uses to make great gear, costs a little more. We think it is worth it, and customers should demand it in any gear they purchase. Buy your gear from T3 and know that you have the best.