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T3 -- Trident Tactical/Technical is a singularly unique manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality tactical and technical equipment. Our headquarters and first retail location opened August 2010 on Trident Way on the Naval Amphibious Base (NAB) Coronado. Our unique presence on NAB puts us right next to the West Coast SEAL Teams and the training program for all new SEALs: the famous Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training.

There is no other commercial location anywhere like ours. Through our proximity and access to the U.S. Special Operations Command Unit, T3 is aware of the SEAL’s latest tactics, techniques, procedures and requirements. The unique knowledge base of T3 – driven by this contact – isn’t possessed by anyone else in the tactical equipment or high-end outdoor product industries.

Our location advantage is best understood by a quick look at this map, highlighting the many important and unprecedented elements surrounding our business.


* = Store location
1 = WARCOM (2-star Admiral running all SEAL Teams and NSW assets.)
2 =  SEAL Teams
3 = NSW Center (Training Command for all NSW.  All new SEALs are
trained here.)
4 =  NSWC Supply. (Vast majority of personal operator gear issued here.)
5 = Only entrance to base.
6 = Convenience store where morning coffee is purchased. Only gas station on base.




T3 embraces the U.S. Navy SEAL (Sea Air Land) Team lifestyle. Former Navy SEAL owned and operated, T3 has a great deal of reputational capital in the SEAL Teams, and we would never compromise our standing with friends still serving. We stand for honesty and authenticity in a landscape populated by pretenders: those who were not well regarded as operators; those who served but were not in an operator position; or our personal favorite, those who never served and are now “experts” on military and tactical gear.

The U.S. Navy SEAL Teams are the finest warriors on the planet, and the process to become a SEAL is the world’s toughest military training. As a result, SEALs are the most discerning customers of tactical and outdoor equipment. Due to the intense nature of SEAL operations in the most extreme and destructive salt water environment, items that might be considered as durables by other high end consumers are consumables in the SEAL Teams. If a piece of equipment meets the standards of a SEAL operator, it will certainly meet the standards of others. As SEALs are among the most competitive people around, you can find a SEAL expert in most any military or outdoor activity. This unrivaled community of specialists uniquely positions T3 to provide superior solutions. SEALs are trend setters in any number of areas both inside and outside the military, and their gear is often by coveted by others.

Not only does T3 know which products meet the SEAL Team standard, we are highly involved with research, development, testing, evaluation and marketing of new equipment. T3 ensures the Teams are as best equipped as possible to the greatest extent possible in our own branded Made in the USA tactical load carriage equipment. Currently, we have close to 200 products that meet these standards.



Our services sister company, T3I, (www.T3iServices.com) is the civilian employer of the second largest number of former SEALs and largest number of former Air Force Special Operations Forces personnel. Through T3I we are involved in all facets of basic SEAL Training and Air Force Special Operations Forces recruitment.

T3I manages and executes the contract with the Navy for the Naval Special Warfare Center (NSWCEN) BUD/S Preparatory Course. The course is an eight-week block of instruction designed to get candidates to their highest physical state of readiness possible in order to increase their chances of successfully completing BUD/S and the less well known but certainly in contention for status as the second toughest training in the military, the NSWCEN Special Warfare Combatant Crewman (SWCC) course.

T3I also has a number of former SEALs who operate as instructors for all facets of BUD/S training. We are honored to play a role in the creation of new SEALs by helping to conduct the most difficult military training in the world.




miket3.pngMike Atkinson is chief executive officer of T3. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, he served at SEAL Team EIGHT in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm. Mike left active duty to pursue an MBA from Columbia University and to continue his service through the Naval Reserves. Throughout his career in finance, he maintained close contact with the NSW Community. After serving as partner in a multi-sector equity asset management business in Princeton, NJ for 14 years, Mike moved back to San Diego in late summer 2008 where he has focused his efforts on bringing his professional expertise to challenges facing the SEAL Teams. Through his efforts with the SEALs, he has come to understand some of the issues in the procurement process that inhibit warriors from having the best equipment available. He founded T3 to close some of those gaps.


lawrence.pngLawrence Bengal is vice president of T3. After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1998 with a degree in Systems Engineering, Lawrence served as an Apache pilot and a Reconnaissance Pilot supporting U.S. Special Operations Command in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also commanded a premier reconnaissance operational unit conducting counter-narcotic and anti-guerilla operations in Central and South America. Lawrence’s last assignment was as a contractor conducting military flight operations overseas. Currently, Lawrence is a member of the Air National Guard. He was awarded two Bronze Stars and a Meritorious Service Medal.